Assistant Director: Amanda Mandell
Director: John Peterson
Musical Director: Frank Leavitt

Show Number: 266


A Musical exporing the lives of those who sought to assassinate the Presidents of the Unitied States


Role Name Membership Class
Bartender/Gerald Ford/Chorus Patches Kessler Player 2012
Billy/Chorus Sam Stuto Player Unknown
Charles Guiteau Chris Guyon Player 2010
Chorus Kristina Huxel Player Unknown
David Herold/Chorus Ethan Henkler Player 2012
Emma Goldman/Chorus Kristie Norris Player 2009
Giuseppe Zangara Chris Brousseau Player 2009
John Hinckley Stephen Faust Player Unknown
John Wilkes Booth David Melecio-Vazquez Player 2011
Leon Czolgosz Marc Destefano Player Unknown
Proprietor/Garfield/Announcer/Chorus Norman Eick Player Community
Sam Byck Eric Garside Player 0
Sara Jane Moore Samantha Malanche Player 2012
The Balladeer/Lee Harvey Oswald Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown


Role Name Membership Class
Accompanist Garrett Smelcher None Unknown
Assistant Box Office Liz Grafeld Player 2011
Assistant House Manager Frank Ottey Player Unknown
Assistant Light Designer Tim McMullan Player 2012
Assistant Makeup/Hair Designer Pat Holmes Player Unknown
Assistant Master Carpenter Andrew Couture Player 2012
Assistant Properties Master Tom Kinstrey Player 2011
Assistant Sound Stephen Rancour Player 2012
Box Office Manager Ashley Veatch Player 2010
Costumes Designer Selby Miller Player 2009
Crew Chief Marissa Wolff Player 2010
House Manager Jessica Reichard Player Unknown
Lighting Designer Justin DeCell Player 2009
Makeup/Hair Designer Elise Martin Player Community
Master Carpenter Caleb Vincent Player 2010
Master Electrician Rob Humphreys Player 2009
Properties Master David Archibald Player 2010
Public Relations Coordinator Samantha Malanche Player 2012
Publicity Art Coordinator Erin Morelli Player 2011
Set Designer Michael Pratt Player 2009
Sound Designer Jeff Matthews Player 2010
Spotlight Operator Greg Zabielski Player Community
Spotlight Operator Tim Wickberg Player 2007
Stage Crew Sarah McCaslin Player Unknown
Stage Crew Amanda George Player Unknown
Stage Crew Rob Humphreys Player 2009
Stage Crew Dan Olsen Player Unknown
Video Operator Nick Knapp Player 2012
Video Operator David DiPaola Player Unknown
Video Operator Jacob Brode Player 2007

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Producer Liz Maus Player 2011
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Diorio Player 2012
Producer Eugene W. Kosarovich Player Unknown
Stage Manager Jes Mascaro Player 2009