A scene from 2014
A scene from 2014
A scene from 2014
Building the set for The Visit
A scene from 2014
A scene from 2014
A scene from 2014
A scene from The Drowsy Chaperone
A scene from The Drowsy Chaperone
A scene from The Drowsy Chaperone
A scene from Much Ado About Nothing
A scene from Much Ado About Nothing
A scene from Much Ado About Nothing
A scene from Noises Off 2010
Scenes from One Flew Over the Cuckoo\\\


Director: David Beditz
Musical Director: Barret Germain

Show Number: 254


Role Name Membership Class
1st Class Tiffany McCormack Player Unknown
1st Class Lydea Irwin Player Unknown
1st Class Kara Chesal Apprentice Unknown
1st Class Steward Henry Etches Brian Ondov Apprentice Unknown
1st Officer William Murdoch Jordan Belen Apprentice Unknown
2nd Class Geri de Seve Player Unknown
2nd Class Ryan McAlpine Apprentice Unknown
2nd Class Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
2nd Class Jordan Belen Apprentice Unknown
2nd Officer Charles Lightoller Ryan McAlpine Apprentice Unknown
3rd Class Geri de Seve Player Unknown
3rd Class Jacob Brode Player 2007
3rd Class Nellie Rustick Player Unknown
3rd Class Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
3rd Class Maggie McLellan Player Unknown
3rd Class Orran Villela Andreade Player Unknown
3rd Class Marlene Conlan Apprentice Unknown
3rd Class Beta Regina Player Unknown
3rd Class Passenger #1 Ryan Torello Player Unknown
3rd Class Passenger #2 Pedro Gonzalez Player Community
3rd Class Passenger #3 Thomas Madaelil Player Unknown
3rd Class Passenger #4 Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
3rd Officer Herbert J. Pittman Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
Alice Beane Katie Muto-Nelson (Muto) Player Unknown
Bandleader Wallace Hartley Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
Bandsman John Pettengill Apprentice Unknown
Bandsman Leland Schick Apprentice Unknown
Bandsman Bricoux Michael Hall Apprentice Unknown
Bandsman Taylor Jacob Brode Player 2007
Bellboy Edward Latimer Marisa Gallego Player Unknown
Benjamin Guggenheim Thomas Madaelil Player Unknown
Caroline Neville Michelle Gore Player Unknown
Charles Clark John Pettengill Apprentice Unknown
Charlotte Drake Cardoza Marlene Conlan Apprentice Unknown
Chief Engineer Joseph Bell Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
Colonel John Jacob Astor Chris Ziemba Player Unknown
Darlene Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
Edgar Beane Erik Nelson Apprentice Unknown
Edith Corse Evans Geri de Seve Player Unknown
Eleanor Widener/3rd Class Samantha Malanche Player 2012
Frank Carlson Pedro Gonzalez Player Community
George Widener Pedro Gonzalez Player Community
German Man Adam Stimatz Player Unknown
Ida Straus Nellie Rustick Player Unknown
Isador Straus Adam Stimatz Player Unknown
Italian Man Chris Ziemba Player Unknown
Italian Woman Karley Giles Player Unknown
J. Bruce Ismay Peter Hogan-De Paul Apprentice Unknown
J. H. Rogers Jacob Brode Player 2007
Jack Thayer Eleah "E. J." Peal None Unknown
Jim Farrell David Love Apprentice Unknown
John B. Thayer Ryan Torello Player Unknown
Kate McGowen Lydea Irwin Player Unknown
Kate Mullins Kara Chesal Apprentice Unknown
Kate Murphey Tiffany McCormack Player Unknown
Lookout Frederick Fleet Michael Hall Apprentice Unknown
Madeleine Astor Karley Giles Player Unknown
Marion Thayer Maggie McLellan Player Unknown
Mme. Aubert Beta Regina Player Unknown
Quartermaster Robert Hitchens Orran Villela Andreade Player Unknown
Radioman Harold Bride Leland Schick Apprentice Unknown
Sailor Pedro Gonzalez Player Community
Sailor Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
Stevedore Joseph Boxhall Jacob Brode Player 2007
Stewardess Hutchinson Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
Stewardess Robinson Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
Stoker Chris Ziemba Player Unknown
Stoker Thomas Madaelil Player Unknown
Stoker Frederick Barrett Michael Schaaff Apprentice Unknown
The Major Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
Thomas Andrews Marc Destefano Player Unknown


Clarinet Andrew Diehl Apprentice Unknown
Conductor Barret Germain Player Unknown
French Horn Matt Pevarnik Apprentice Unknown
Piano Rebecca Lee Kraft Player Unknown


Role Name Membership Class
Accompanist Rebecca Lee Kraft Player Unknown
Advertising Coordinator Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
Assistant Costumes Selby Miller Player 2009
Assistant Light Designer Rob Humphreys Player 2009
Assistant Master Carpenter Michael Pratt Player 2009
Assistant Set Designer Alex Nelson Player Community
Assistant Sound Designer Tony Lupis Apprentice Unknown
Costumes Assistant Elyse Portanova Apprentice Unknown
Costumes Designer Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Hair/Makeup Designer Olga Gisin Apprentice Unknown
House Manager Duane Granston Player Unknown
Light Designer Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Light Operator Greg Zabielski Player Community
Master Carpenter Tim Wickberg Player 2007
Master Electrician Matt Pennybacker Apprentice Unknown
Off-Campus Postering Manager Alex Nelson Player Community
On-Campus Postering Manager Peter Hogan-De Paul Apprentice Unknown
Playbill Compiler Jacob Brode Player 2007
Properties Master Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
Publicity Coordinator Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
Set Designer Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Sound Designer Sean Riedel Player Community
Spot Operator Alex Nelson Player Community
Stage Crew Marcus Griep Apprentice Unknown
Stage Crew Rob Humphreys Player 2009
Stage Crew Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Stage Crew Justin DeCell Player 2009
Stage Crew Laura Nichols (Field) Player Community
Stage Crew Kristie Norris Player 2009
Stunt Coordinator Ron Glasser Apprentice Unknown

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Producer Gino Pellicano Player Unknown
Assistant Stage Manager Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Producer Eugene W. Kosarovich Player Unknown
Stage Manager Emily Haggstrom (Stone) Player 2007