Play On!

Director: Micaila Dean
Assistant Director: Katie Loughman

Show Number: 297


A local playwright has written a show to be preformed by the local community theater. The show follows the troupe through a rough rehearsal, a disastrous dress rehearsal, and an abysmal opening night. When everything that can go wrong does, with the writer changing the words every night, the props going missing, and people missing their cues, you can only laugh at the struggles of trying to perform a show.


Role Name Membership Class
Aggie Fiona Smith Player 2018
Billy Christian Wenger Apprentice 2020
Gerry Jessica Spencer Player 2018
Henry Peter McCurry Apprentice 2017
Louise Emi Phillips Player 2017
Phyllis Shea Roe Apprentice 2020
Polly Heritage Weems Player 2018
Saul Jacob Speicher Player 2019
Smitty Samantha Primm Player 2020
Violet Hannah De los Santos Player 2017


Role Name Membership Class
Master Carpenter Nathaniel Moretz Apprentice 2020
Set Designer Teddy Mischel Apprentice 2020
Lighting Designer Anthony Gangi Apprentice 2020
Assistant Lights Deborah Lark Player 2017
Master Electrician Nick Karalexis Player 2019
Sound Designer Oleg Yakovets Apprentice 2020
Properties Master Alex Miller Apprentice 2020
Assistant Props Adam Platek Player 2019
Costumes Calliana Faulk Player 2019
Assistant Hair & Makeup Molly Osterberg Player 2018
Assistant Hair & Makeup Bryan Johns Player 2019
Hair and Makeup Calliana Faulk Player 2019

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Marc Barbret Player 1824
Stage Manager Jackson Wong Player 2019
Publicity Artist Heili Springsteen Player 2017
Publicity Facilitator Shea Roe Apprentice 2020
Assistant Box Office & House Manager Jason Colville Player 2017
House & Box Office Manager Matt Fields Player 2018