Our Town

Director: Rebecca Rouse
Assistant Director: Molly Kerwick
Composer/Musical Director: Brendan Padgett


Our Town: a New Media Theatrical Experience presents a new media re-imagining of Thornton Wilder's American theater classic. Wilder’s play endures because it touches a core of the human condition: our inability to fully appreciate moments of our lives before they pass us by. This powerful message is sometimes lost when the play is misunderstood as Americana kitsch. Using new technologies, this production will reinvigorate this play for contemporary audiences by incorporating a responsive gesture-based interactive system for actors to control commissioned artworks projected on a large-scale 360-degree immersive screen environment, and a new directional audio score. In a radical departure from common approaches to media in performance, which often risk potentially alienating audiences unfamiliar with avant-garde traditions, this project utilizes a mainstream play in a way that invites audiences members in to experience a new connection with an American classic.

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Role Name Membership Class
Dr. Gibbs Zachariah Spurrier Player 2019
Emily Webb Rachel Ruller None Unknown
George Barnabé Bouchenoir Apprentice 2019
Howie/Man in Box/BB Player 2 Daniel Marion Apprentice 2019
Joes/Si/BB Player 1 Logan Rando None Unknown
Lady in Balcony/Mrs. Carter Heritage Weems Player 2018
Mr. Webb Kyle Johnson Player 2016
Mrs. Gibbs Monica Hoh None Unknown
Mrs. Soames Micaila Dean Player 2016
Mrs. Webb Taylor Turner Player 2016
Professor/Constable/Joe Stoddard Patrick Quinn None Unknown
Rebecca Imani Taylor None Unknown
Sam Craig/Woman in Audience/BB Player 3 Pixie Sirois Player 2018
Simon Stimson Jackson Wong Player 2019
Stage Manager Robert Stewart Player 2014
Wally Mark Blum None Unknown


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Set Anna Tiberi None Unknown
Assistant Set Alexis Down None Unknown
Set Designer Erin Napier Player 2019
Visual Artist/Scenic Designer Claire Johnson None Unknown
Assistant Lighting Samantha Jensen Player 2019
Lighting Designer Alex Zylka None
Assistant Sound Jean-Claude Paquin Player
Assistant Sound Aquiel Godeau Player 2018
Assistant Sound Aleksandra Koenig Player 2019
Sound Designer Jeffrey Schwartz Player 2017
Sound Designer Mark Florkowski Player 2018
Properties Master Erin Napier Player 2019
Costume Designer Micaila Dean Player 2016
Assistant Costumes Alexandra Laing None Unknown
Hair & Makeup Designer Jenna Shulman Player 2018
Assistant Hair and Makeup Abigail Ireland Apprentice 2019
Assistant Lighting Deborah Lark Player 2017
Interactive Media Designer Marc Destefano Player Unknown
Assistant Interactive Media Designer Alex Fig None Unknown

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Nick Karalexis Player 2019
Stage Manager Fiona Smith Player 2018
Assistant Stage Manager Yarden Ne'eman Player 2019
Publicity Coordinator Kathleen Quinlan Player 2019
Production Assistant Emi Phillips Player 2017