Technical Documents

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Welcome to the web portal for the technical aspects in the RPI Playhouse. In the coming months, this page will be sure to contain a great breadth of information on the technical information of the building.

Further information can in theory be found in the Technical Director's Google Docs (which is currently empty):

General Technical Information

The technical information packet contains an overview to the building, its structure and location.

Technical Information Packet

Lighting Manual

This document contains an in-depth, technical description of the lighting facilities at the playhouse.

Lighting Manual

Publicity Manual

This manual contains guidelines, schedules, and local contacts for those interested in publicity.

Publicity Manual

Costuming Information

This contains general information for costuming a typical Players show and should serve as an overview for anyone interesting in this role.

Costuming Information

Painting and You

Typical designs and methodologies of advanced scenic painting

Scenic Painting

Information on how to use the two paint sprayer options in the playhouse.

Paint Sprayers

How to clean, maintain, and dispose of paints and related equipment.

Paint Cleaning